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A Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals class is a place where children can experience music in a rich variety of ways. Whether actively participating or simply listening and watching, children are learning in ways that are right for them as individuals, and at their own pace.

Participation of parents/caregivers is strongly encouraged. Whether you consider yourself musically inclined, or someone who can't carry a tune to save your live, is of little importance when it comes to the positive impact your participation will have on your child. Your willingness and enthusiasm are invaluable assets to the group as a whole, and exemplify for your child that joining in is not about “performing” but having fun.


Music for Aardvarks was created by in 1997 by New York City rock musician/composer and father of three David Weinstone. He began writing songs for children after trying to enroll his infant son in various music classes and discovering that:

“The stuff they were singing seemed sappy, too sugary, made it seem like the only things kids were interested in were farm animals, which didn't seem too relevant to a kid living in Manhattan. I discovered I could write songs kids would like, yet still maintain my roots and still have my artistic thumbprint all over them. It might sound like Bowie, but y'know, it's a song about a bagel.”

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